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What did you take home from Wild Goose 2016? Tell us your story.

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The theme of the Goose this year has been Story. Because stories are important. Our lives are shaped by them. Our world is shaped by them. And too often the...

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What are people saying about Wild Goose 2016?

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Ever since the closing moments of Wild Goose 2016, we’ve heard from many who had profound experiences at the festival this year. Who found community. And communion. Not to mention,...

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NC Economic Boycott and Wild Goose 2017

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We are deeply disappointed that North Carolina failed to repeal HB2 in a special legislative session just before Christmas. In response to this and other undemocratic actions by the State…

What We Can Do For Aleppo

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By: Jeff Clark, with Jasmin Morrell Reports from Aleppo are grim: bodies line the streets, women and children shot in their homes, aid workers unable to reach those who need…

Hope Rises Like Bread

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This is what happens because you make Wild Goose happen: Dreams are born Visions are nourished Minds are changed Spirits rearranged And people leave With eyes and arms opened To…

Introducing Our New Director of Programming and Communications

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We’re so excited that Jasmin Morrell has recently joined the Wild Goose Festival staff, and she has certainly hit the ground running. But she did manage to slow down one…